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Licensing Exam Grants 

Our Licensing Exam Grants are made possible via our partnership with Latinx in Social Work. This initiative aims to support Latino and/or bilingual social workers in New York State by covering their licensing exam expenses. We are excited to award three (3) recipients with a grant of $500 each, specifically intended to assist in covering their exam and licensing fees.

The Licensing Grant Application for 2024 will open in the Spring.

Campaign for Fair and Equitable Competency Measures for entry-level Social Work Licensing - SUPPORT THE SOCIAL WORK WORKFORCE ACT NOW! 

Following the dismal report by ASWB on the pass rates of prospective BIPOC social workers, we are currently working with partners like Social Workers for Justice NY, NASW NYS, Latinx in Social Work, and other leaders in the field to bring about fundamental change and possibly even eliminate the licensing exam. To strengthen our case against the current version of the exam, we urge social workers across New York to share their stories with us. If you know anyone who has also faced challenges with the exam, please encourage them to fill out the form as well.

We’re working to end the requirement of the LMSW Licensure Exam in New York. This test has been proven to disadvantage social workers of color and there is no evidence that passing a standardized test is an indication of the ability of a social worker.  There is a bigger and more important context.  New York desperately needs a strong and diverse social work workforce.  


If you’ve taken the licensing exam, whether successfully or otherwise, whether you’ve taken it once or 20 times, we’d love to hear about your experience! From the conditions, to the preparation, to the questions, and everything in-between. Take a moment and share your experiences with us so we can continue to inform our agency partners, Deans, and State Representatives about the reality of the exam process.


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